Mattila Farm bees pollinate the organic berries at the farm and also produce delicious honey. Well pollinated fruits and berries are beautifully shaped and uniform in quality.

Mattila Farm bees are Italian bees, which is the most common farmed species in Finland. They are very popular because they are the easiest of the honey bees to work with. The Italian bees are known for being gentle and good honey producers.

Mattila Farm offers pollination services for areas such as cultivations and gardens. The service includes the transportation of the hives to and back from the location. A pesticide can be added to the service. Farmers are eligible to receive financial aid when using bees for pollinating their cultivations. Farmers will of course get some honey the bees have made during the pollinating season.

Our newest product is Mattila Farm godparent beehive! By godparenting a beehive you are supporting our beekeeping and honeymaking. As a responsible beekeeping and honey making company Mattila Farm is dedicated to take great care of our bees and ensure the survival of these nature's own pollinators. Click the link and find more information on this product:

Contact our beekeeper for more information: +358 40 847 3327

Coming up to Mattila Farm: bee safaris! On Mattila Farm bee safari you will get to put on a beekeeper's uniform and visit our beehives and learn about bees and beekeeping from our beekeeper. After the safari you will get a diploma and some Mattila Farm honey to take home. We can alter the safari packages to your needs, for example we can arrange a lunch for your group at Mattila Café or Mattila Pizza and/or add a full farm tour so you get to see everything at Mattila Farm. The safaris will start at the beginning of the season 2022 (around the beginning of May) and we will announce the start day in the spring. 

Contact our beekeeper for more information: +358 40 847 3327

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