We are currently open Wed thru Sat, 11am - 7pm.

Mattila Bistro (Café) is known for great burgers and delicious cakes. You can also choose delicate salads and enjoy your food with refreshing signature drinks. We offer food for those who prefer to enjoy the countryside atmosphere in piece or those who would like to have a quick lunch on a large terrace.

Our Mattila Pizza is operating by our side and it's opening hours are the same with Mattila Café during the summer season.

Sometimes you can enjoy live music on our terrace.



Farmer's Toast 11,50€

Warm toast prepared with Farmers Bread

 Mozzarella and chicken alternatives


Farmers Salad (G) 16,50€

Crispy salad and greens, avocado, berry of the season, nuts and herb-oil.

Mozzarella, cold salmon and vegan cheese alternatives


Mattila Burger -meal 17,900€

Burger meal to fill your body and soul; sweet potato or potato fries according to your choice

Alternatives: burger meat 160 - 180g, halloum / avocado or vegan (Beyond meat)

Available also gluten free bread


Vegan burger 18,20€


 Sweet potato, potato fries or salad according to your choice, all vegan Beyond Meat steak


Delicious cakes prepared by our bakery, also vegan alternatives