Stay tuned, we arrange classes in flower arrangement, baking and horse related activities.

Currently we have the following summer classes:

Flower arrangement class, where you learn to bind flowers with spiral technique. We will use magnificent summer flowers and binding materials. One class takes 2 hours and includes all the binding materials and food and coffee at Mattila Farm. Cut flowers are charged on top according to the use. Please check the prices and dates and register here. The course is held by Heidi Saarinen & Kukkahuone Linnea. Courses are held on July 1st, 8th and 15th at 3-5 PM and dinner after that.


Flower Arrangement Classes                  


Baking class:

Cupcake courses, also special classes for children. Every course is 2 hours for six persons only. You can also order a course for your private party. These classes are arranged by Sara Marjoniemi, who has won Kultainen Pippuri -price for her CACCU Chocolate Chip Cookie. Please check the dates and prices and registser from this link at CACCU.